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Published October 15, 2018

For a while, we toyed with the idea of releasing Scintillatron 4096 on mobile devices. We spent a good few weeks messing with the touch controls and testing game play but from an early moment we realised that we were going to struggle to get it right.

How it started….

Some of our early testers loved it and others not so much! It really did split opinion. Every time we changed the controls for one player, we’d find that it no longer suited another. In all truth we tried no less than 20 iterations of touch controls. It didn’t matter what we tried,  in testing we always had someone with an issue on how the controls worked. This felt like the first sign that perhaps our game was not suitable for touch game play.

A light bulb moment entered our brains when we brought a game controller for mobiles. Overwhelmingly, everyone preferred this option of game play and how it felt. This further established that maybe the touch screen was not the right option for us….

But that wasn’t all….

There were other withholding factors too, namely the business model. The sheer volume of content coming out on a daily basis was overwhelming and as a new studio we were daunted by this market. Additionally, the team have a moral objection to in-app purchases and adverts interrupting game play. We know it works for some but it’s just not our thing and we really didn’t want to take that route to market. Plus with a start up budget we were also concerned about cost vs visibility. Overall, the mobile market really did feel like a risky choice.

We also considered the huge variety of mobile devices out there. Our little studio is made up of two developers and yours truly on marketing. We had to be honest and admit that our resources would have been stretched to get the game optimised on every available device. It would have been hard to make the game perfect on each one and with two perfectionist developers, this could have kept them busy for an infinite amount of time!

So, we took the rather wild step of investigating the console market and we’re still pinching ourselves that our game is launching with PlayStation this year. It really felt like a life changing moment for our little studio and we can’t wait for the launch!

As for the name ‘Loozertron’ (which the eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted in our earlier picture!) well there’s a story to that too! In our last blog from Roch, he gave a little insight into the challenges we faced with naming the company and game…. but lets save that story for another rainy day!

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