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Welcome to the kFunction press page!

It’s best to head over to Scintillatron 4096 for exclusive screenshots, game features and information but if you’re just looking for some information on us, its below…


Developer: kFunction Limited. Based in Dorset, England

Founding date: Jan, 2017

Website: kFunction.co.uk

Business Email: info@kfunction.co.uk




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Scintillatron 4096 was released exclusively on the on the PlayStation® platform on 18th December 2018. Scintillatron 4096 is available on the PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita consoles. The game is also available on the PlayStation®Pro in Ultra HD.

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“Scintillatron 4096 is a unique arena shooter. It’s got all the shiny effects and abstract enemies you’d expect, but demands a very different style of play…”
– James Cunningham, Hardcore Gamer

“Scintillatron 4096 offers so much more than its dated retro stylings initially suggest. What begins as a somewhat clunky, simple twin-stick shooter, quickly blossoms into a strategic, thoughtful and immensely addictive little gem of a video game.”
– Neil Bason, Game Grin

“Scintillatron is a fun demonic challenge, and hopefully plenty of Vita owners will get their names on those online high score charts!”
– PS Vita RoundUp

kFunction Interview; Amiga, Scintillatron, PlayStation & The Future 
– Adam Cartwright, VGChartz

Interview with Developers Chris & Roch
– @LastRealGamer, Vita Island Views

“…there’s a lovely title here. It’s a smartly crafted twin-stick shooter that lets you play how you like, but really rewards careful, methodical play…
– Adam Cartwright, VGChartz

“Its slight puzzle combo system to the levels is a nice touch and makes it stand out in this genre, it feels great to hit an enemy to keep your score combo going through a massive cluster of other enemies…
– Seb Hawden, Square XO

“The neon particle effects, and neon colored details of the tunnel-like environment in which the waves you shoot through are displayed really pushed that point home. It was something akin to the futuristic neon lit Noir setting of Bladerunner…
– Brad Carver, Otaku Dantes Gaming Inferno

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kFunction Limited is a British independent game studio, founded by lifelong friends and developers Chris Pritchard & Roch Gadsdon. Our techie duo have been coding and making games together since 1990. Initially part of the southern UK Amiga demo scene in late 80’s / 90’s, they then went on to write complete 3D software renderers in 68000 assembler on the Amiga and x86 assembler on the PC. Both Chris & Roch have had fulfilling careers as architects / principal engineers in the data protection industry but in January 2017, they decided to take the leap and set up their dream business as game developers. Scintillatron 4096 is their first, full commercial release. There are additional works in the pipeline and several game concepts in early development.

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For all press enquiries:

Contact: Charlotte Pritchard

Email: charlotte@kFunction.co.uk