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An intense hi-score shooter with tactical combo building at its core. Easy to play but difficult to master, the game quickly becomes a fast paced frenetic challenge! 

To perfect the later levels, you’ve got to build maximum combos and increase your hi-score….

Difficult? For sure. Rewarding? Definitely!

Relentlessly pursued by enemies, you’ll require lightning fast reactions to remove yourself from constant threat and danger.

A position on the world ranking leaderboard is yours for the taking and yours to defend!

Game features

Local 2 Player

Battle deep as a co-operative team on a high score attack OR in the competitive battle mode played over a series of rounds

Single player 

Alternatively, play on your own with dedicated hi-score tables, rankings and trophies.


This is what it's all about! Hi-scores need combos. Enemies are one of two colours. Take them out in sequence and aim for a perfect wave. Learn what to attack first, how to ‘herd’ the enemies and how to use the colour-flip power up to maximise your combo.

Hi-Score and world rankings:

Just like it used to be - your hi-score is everything. Scintillatron 4096 has local and worldwide rankings for score, deepest wave and highest combo separately tracked for one and two player games.


We mean it when we say the game is easy to play but difficult to master. Progress a little way, build some combos and you’ll find packed, intense levels with audio and visuals to match.


Can you get the whole set? Can you clear 5 whole waves with perfect combos? Reach wave 10 without using a power up? Kill 6 enemies with a single shot? Plus many more in the PlayStation store...

Enemy lineup

It starts simple with a handful of coloured drones and progresses to assassins, chain-reacting mines, 'Fat Agnus', the dreaded 'Hurry Up' and many others. Learn how to defeat them all and how to exploit them for the highest score possible.

Power Ups

The game is full of many clever power ups that add fire power, multiply your score and change enemy behaviour, sometimes in surprising ways.... But watch out! The Power Downs will make your life much harder!

Ultra HD Quality

4K quality and 60FPS on the Playstation®Pro console?
Go on then!

Retro / modern twist

We hope you’ll like the balance. The gameplay and audio have their heart in some classic games, but we kept the visuals modern, shiny and intense with 4K quality available on the Playstation®Pro console.